Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge

So which one of these Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge are you most excited about?! We know there are so many other places to mention like Pigeon Forge Snow, Dolly Parton’s Stampede & Celebration Dinner Shows, Wonderworks, and more. We wanted to truly narrow it down to some must-do’s and we think you and your loved ones will be very happy with this list. Now all you need is a place to stay. How about giving us a try? Cedar Lodge offers beautiful two and three bedroom river view condos at an affordable price. Book your ideal condo online or give us a call at 1.877.412.3327 and we would love to assist you with finding the perfect rental for your getaway. We hope you all get to enjoy these wonderful Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge when you finally get to come and see us again!

Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge TN

Try Indoor Skydiving at Flyaway!

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving – Are you ready to check out America’s first vertical wind tunnel?! If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush without really having to jump out of a plane, you’re probably going to fall in love with this one. Once you arrive, each person that is wanting to check out this amazing experience is required to watch a 15 minute training class (safety comes first) before their flight. They have trained instructors that will join everyone in the wind tunnel and you can either do a single flight or they offer a block party one that lets up to five people go in (no instructor for this one!) So are you ready for defy gravity? There’s just a few things to remember. Socks and lace shoes are required, sandals are not allowed. Remember to empty out your pockets and make sure to remove any jewelry. There is a weight limit for children, but they have a place where people can look on and get to see the entire experience. This is such a unique attraction and one we can’t recommend enough.

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena – If you’re looking for something that the kiddos can get some of their energy out at, this is definitely one place to add to your list. Here you will find a bunch of different activities to do: open jump, airbag ninja course, basketball dodgeball, kids zone, arcade, candy store, and a climbing center that, according to their website, features the nation’s first ever sky-high climbing adventure. Don’t worry, parents, if you’re not looking for an adrenaline rush, they have a place to relax where you can look over the entire park. New this year, they will also have a new virtual reality attraction for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to slay robots, dragons, and zombies! This will be one amazing adventure that you’ll never want to end. They’re actually located extremely close to our property, just past traffic light #8, so you don’t have to go very far to have some fun!

Magiquest – This is sure to be a family favorite! This attraction has plenty of things to do inside that you could easily spend hours here. They have magiquest (a live action role play game in an enchanted world where you can use real magic wands and feel like you’re Harry Potter ) indoor pirate golf, a laser room (can you walk through it without getting zapped?), and the world’s second largest mirror maze. This is a must-do the next time you’re in town!

Alcatraz East Crime Museum – If you’re a huge true crime fan, you may never want to leave this location. Here you will learn about the history of crime as well as see amazing exhibits like crime scene investigation, crime fighting, and more. This isn’t just about Alcatraz so don’t let the name fool you. They have five regular exhibits and then they offer temporary ones (right now they have the Ted Bundy one that features his infamous ‘68 VW Beetle.) There’s over 100 interactivities and so much to see here. This is another excellent museum to check out if you’re a huge fan of history.

The Escape Game – We don’t have enough good words to say about this attraction. We did this for a team building exercise and we all had so much fun. Located at the Island, this interactive experience is fun from beginning to end. Choose from five different themed rooms and see if you can make the great escape! Your family will love getting to work together and bond all while having an incredible and thrilling time doing so. You’ll have one hour to escape, we wish you luck. Let us know if you escaped or not!

Titanic Pigeon Forge

Interior Photo of the Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum – This popular attraction welcomes you on your own voyage aboard the RMS Titanic. You’ll get to experience what it was like to journey through the historic hallways, parlors, cabins, and you’ll even get to take a walk on the beautiful grand staircase. They have numerous artifacts from the ship and a bunch of interactive activities to take part in. You can touch an iceberg and feel how cold the water was on that fateful night, shovel “coal” in the boiler room, try to cross some sloping decks, sit in a lifeboat, and more. If you’re a big fan of history, this is just the attraction for you. There’s also some other exciting things to go along with your adventure but we don’t want to give it away. Make sure to add this one to your list!

Comedy Barn Cast

The Comedy Barn Cast, courtesy of The Comedy Barn

Comedy Barn – If you’re looking for something that will make the entire family laugh until they cry, this is the place to be. This is one of the best Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge in my humble opinion. I have never seen a funnier show in my life and I can’t recommend this one enough. They put on a clean family friendly comedy show that will have everyone giggling. The best part of all, every show is different thanks to the amusing audience interaction. The skits they put on are so clever and just downright hysterical. You are truly missing out if you don’t see this show. Remember you receive a FREE TICKET to it when you stay with us.

So it’s finally time for your getaway to Pigeon Forge and you’ve just looked at the weather forecast: rain, rain, and more rain. Mother nature can be so unfriendly sometimes, right?! You’ve already made out the perfect itinerary of fun and outdoor things to do, so now what? Lucky for us, our charming town has a bunch of things to offer whether it’s rain or shine. You can still look forward to plenty of exciting days spent together even if it’s calling for bad weather. From museums to ninja warrior parks, we’ll have something here for everyone to do. We know that there are so many different things to do that sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Grab the family and get ready for some thrilling adventure that is waiting for you! Who’s ready to learn about some of our absolute favorite Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge? Get ready for a brand new itinerary that will have everyone smiling by the end of the day.

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