Pigeon Forge Relaxation Getaway

We all know there are so many different reasons why someone wants to take a vacation, whether it’s to just spend time with family or maybe because it’s a special occasion. Either way, we’re all looking for different things when we plan specific getaways. Has it been a busy few weeks and you’re ready to take a break and get some well deserved rest and relaxation? Lucky for you, Pigeon Forge is the ultimate relaxation spot! Even though we have entertainment at every corner, there are still plenty of things to do when you just want to get some peace and quiet or maybe just some alone time. When you stay with us here at Cedar Lodge, we offer beautiful two and three bedroom condos with each private balcony facing the Little Pigeon River! If you’re looking to hear some soothing sounds like the water and a location that is away from all the hustle and bustle, this property was simply made for you. We also offer a FREE TICKETS program as a thank you for booking with us, so you can enjoy a ferris wheel ride full of incredible scenery and panoramic views or our rolling hills. So is it time to get a little r&r? Let’s take a look at what a Pigeon Forge Relaxation Getaway should look like!

Don’t feel like driving anywhere? No problem at all, our property has plenty of things to do right on site! You can make a cup of coffee and head right out onto your balcony where all you’ll hear is the soothing sound of the river passing by you. There is nothing as calming as hearing that sound while you’re just taking a sip of your coffee. If you do feel like at least venturing outside for a few minutes, we have a fantastic river deck with plenty of seating, so kick your feet up and bring a good book with you. Have you been waiting to read your favorite author’s newest book? This is finally your chance! It doesn’t get much more relaxing than reading with the sound of the water in the background. There’s also a picnic area so you can pack a little lunch and dine right by the river banks. During the warmer month, we also have our outdoor pool and hot tub. Grab a lounge chair and do a little sunbathing, put your favorite artist on your phone and get lost in the music. That is the ultimate relaxation time to me. We also offer FREE dvd rentals, stop by Whispering Pines to pick up a couple movies at a time that you’ve been waiting to see, but haven’t had a chance to watch yet! Grab a seat in your spacious living room and heat up a bag of popcorn, and you’re all set to relax and enjoy the show. You can’t beat just staying in for a while during your getaway.

Hiking is another way to enjoy a relaxing time on your vacation. There is nothing more peaceful than becoming one with nature so to speak. Whether it’s a long or short trail, you’ll be able to simply get a breath of fresh air and see some incredibly beautiful scenery. Are you a fan of listening to the water? How does a hike to some of our most serene waterfalls sound? Head on over to Rainbow Falls or Laurel Falls and see some views of a lifetime especially in the winter! Do you want to see a little bit of history? I think a hike on Porters Creek Trail where you can see the Elbert Cantrell Farmstead and the Ownby Cemetery is definitely in the cards for you. If you just want a little peace and quiet and just want to be able to relax and view the scenery, Alum Cave will offer some of the most beautiful sights around. No matter what trail you decide to hike, you’re sure to have a relaxing time while you’re out and about.

Sometimes one of the most relaxing things to do on a getaway is just to simply go for a walk. We’re lucky enough to have a property that sits along the Riverwalk Trail. You can enjoy walking this peaceful path from our property all the way over to The Island. You’ll even pass by the Old Mill where you can check out our very own waterfall, so to speak, in town while you’re here. I also recommend stopping by at The Island because they actually have a show fountain in the evening where the water and lights dance around to a choreographed set of songs. I love just sitting there and hearing the water throughout this magical performance. After that, I recommend grabbing a rocking chair at the entrance of Ole Smoky Moonshine so you can hear some complimentary, live bluegrass music. Every hour, they have a four piece group that comes out and entertains us with some amazing tunes that you can just rock away to as you listen. It doesn’t get much better than that if you’re looking for a real nice Pigeon Forge Relaxation Getaway!

Lastly, one of my favorite things to do when I just want to relax for a bit is going fishing. One of the biggest perks of staying at our property is that it’s located on the Little Pigeon River, so you can fish right outside without even having to pack up the car and drive somewhere. Have you never fished here before? Make sure you stop by our local Walmart to get a Tennessee Fishing License, you must have one to fish anywhere in the area. Not only can you fish at our property, but you can also fish along the spur or anywhere else that your heart may desire. If you’re planning on visiting Gatlinburg, they’re known for having their own trout farm. Just remember that in Gatlinburg city limits, there’s no fishing on Thursdays because that is when restocking occurs. Grab your pole and get ready for a relaxing day on the water!

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at a Pigeon Forge Relaxation Getaway! Life can get stressful for us all and sometimes there’s nothing we need more than a little vacation full of rest and relaxation so we can regain our energy. You can’t find a much better place than Pigeon Forge if you’re looking to get away for some well deserved you time. There are plenty of places to go to get some peace and quiet, but still be able to see the sights as you do so. You can’t beat the serene sounds of the river or the picturesque views of our rolling hills. Are the mountains calling your name?! I think it’s time to answer. Book Your Relaxation Getaway now or give us a call at 1.877.412.3327 and we’d be happy to help you pick out the perfect condo for your stay! Make sure to take a look at our Lodging Specials so you can get the best available rate. Come and join our family here at Cedar Lodge, we would love to have you here during your Pigeon Forge Relaxation Getaway!

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